Welcome to the trip

Why this blog?,  and about me

(Now in March 2014 I am back in Mexico City, missing Madrid really, really bad)

This is more or less a copy of my first post in the blog, a little bit modified,  the idea is  to show you "why" I decided to start writing here and how it was, and how it is changing with the months passing through. 

Before telling you about the blog, I should tell you who I am, without saying really who I am, becuase I´m still trying to be a little bit invisible to the web. I can tell you that I was born in Mexico City, and I love it, I lived near it all my life, but the last 4 years that I was in Mexico I lived in Cuernavaca with NLE (spanish acronym for boyfriend then husband). I have a cute family and a dog that I love so much, they (except the dog) visited me in March 2011. 

I´m here in another country studying a PhD, with an scholarship, and it was kinda difficult to get it. Before it happened I studied a master in health sciences, although my BA is in international affairs. I have a few friends, I really love them and I miss them so much in the distance. Finally, I love to cook  and that I also like to take a lot of photos. 

This new blog is intended to be a support for  those who want to study a postgraduate course in a foreing country, forthose willing to be "nousys" (gossip) about my life and for those few who have an idle time to read over and above what has become a sort of a travel guide.

I thought to start writing the day that I recived the scholarship to come to Spain, you know I always believed that they would give one to me, and that happened,  after one big punch or I should say "trancazazazazo" (spanish for a big punch) against the wall of a "there´s NO scholarship". Finally, after a nervous breakdown, cardiac symptoms (not so sarcastic) and some other mental shocks, I started this blog  49 days before my trip to Madrid, now we are on November and I have 1 year living in a sixth floor of Madrid downtown.

When I realized that I´ve gotten the scholarship I was in shock  and then suddenly running, visas, passports, scholarships, NLE helping, leaving my apartment,  Phone, Internet, contracts, Mom excited, ALY-teacher was more excited than me and me, and me?

So this and how Madrid treat us... and  it will  be a "Viaje al centro de la beca", attempting to renew and continuously publishing photos, recipes, travel, it´s personalities and me.